DS 7: Review of HB Comic Blog and Bif Sniff

Digital Strips : Show 7 [15MB]
Show number 7 is online and ready for download.We start the show off talking about last week?s interview with web comic artist Wes Molebash of You’ll Have That. Be sure to come back next week for our interview with Jared Koon of the Far Light Saga (farlightsaga.com).We discuss another comics related podcast, Neil Gorman’s Comicology (www.comicology.net).

We read the web comics news from the past week.

Our picks for this week are as follows:

  • HB Comic Blog (HB Comic Blog) by Rob Stevenson
  • Bif Sniff (bifsniff.com) by Brendan O’Connell
  • We read the listener submissions:

  • Frozen Bagel Warfare sent in by Josh Welling
  • G.A.A.K. sent in by Monique MacNaughton
  • Comic Strip Fan sent in by Eric Agena
  • Please send in your submissions. Send links to your favorite comics online, tell us about your web comic, let us know you’re listening! We thrive on feedback, so please just shoot us an email. Enjoy!


    5 thoughts on “DS 7: Review of HB Comic Blog and Bif Sniff

    1. Correction to the podcast. When I mention the creators of BifSniff Cartoons I omitted Frank Prendergast who is the artist. My apologies and I will correct my mistake in our next podcast.

    2. Hey guys. I just discovered you the other day and I wanted to say two things.
      1: Great news coverage. Reading the articles here was actually interesting and informative.
      2: Please take constructive criticism when I suggest you drink some coffee before you record and cut out a few of those Um\’s and Uh\’s that litter the pace of your read. This is a kickass idea and you\’re much more accessible in written tone and material than some other Webcomic forums/informants. I just have trouble listening to you guys as is right now. I hate that the sleepiness of the presentation is keeping me from enjoying what I think you want to be the main push of the site.
      That said this is a great place and I\’ll be coming back.

    3. Thanks for your comments, Jared. We\’re happy to have you listening.

      Maybe you\’d be happier if we hired Rick Dees to read the news? Seriously Jared, the appeal of podcasting is that we are real people, not the phony, over-the-top pre-packaged excitement you get from cookie cutter FM radio DJs. I\’m not sure what you mean when you call the presentation sleepy, that\’s just the way we talk and I don\’t really see it.

      I know the conversational pauses need to go, I hear that too. I\’ve started trying to make a conscious effort to weed those out as I speak, but it sure isn\’t easy. I can only ask that you bare with us as we get more practiced with this whole thing. But, again, we aren\’t the slick, silver tongued salesman from announcer school you\’re probably comparing us too. We\’re just a couple of guys who want to share our passion for something with others.

      And if you want to hear some really bad examples of what you criticize us on, listen to our first show. Yikes. We are getting better, I swear.

    4. Didn\’t mean to sound like a jerk. My apologies. I think this is great and after all, this is just your 7th podcast right? I did listen to the first one and it is a hell of a lot better these days.
      (Btw by Sleepy I was just referring to the pauses, it wasn\’t a personal remark.)

      And for the fuck of God don\’t turn into those Clear Channel goons. The \”real person\” quality is part of the charm.

      (On a random Note isn\’t Clear Channel the one who bought out Rick Dees and put him off the air? Clear Channel: Yet another reason why I\’m glad to be in Germany. Thank heavens for NPR.)

    5. thanks a million guys…
      No apology necessary, thanks for the kind words! I loved hearing you chuckling at the cartoons… more people should record themselves laughing at our work and send it to us 😉
      Keep up the great work,

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