Club Yirmumah goes hot!

It would be just like DJ to pull an April fools on everyone with the annoucement of Club Yirmumah. All kidding aside this idea may seem at first to be like any other subscription service but this is not some member’s only service like most. DJ is still posting his strip daily and keeping his archive free for the public. This service is for the hardcore fan and costs no more then $12 a year, about the cost of a few comic books. The perks are just what you would want as a fanboy. First access to strips before they are posted, private forum, monthly giveaways of original art, and much more. There is even a referral program for the true fan who can make money back for getting friends to join. This is another model for making money but one which does not put up barriers to the newcomer or impede one’s full enjoyment of reading the day to day and the archives. We can only hope most models are as unobtrusive as this one.


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