Review of Hellbound

Our third Eyeskream review is Hellbound. It is an adventure/humor strip in color that follows a demon and an unemployed guy who’s helping her. Written by Eric Nault this is a fun read and has fairly good artwork.

The art is very reminiscent of 80’s comics but takes bits and pieces from different pop culture to help flesh out a growing style. Every once in a while Eric will throw in a little manga style facial expressions and does tend to have elongated necks and arms but in general presents a well draw comic book style strip with good line work and shading. The writing is good if a little goofy for an adventure strip thus the adventure/humor. He keeps the story moving from episode to episode leaving you with a longing for the next one. All around good strip that shows potential.


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  1. Hye guys,

    I\’m Neil form the comicology (, and I just wanted to dro by and say hello to my fellow comic bok podcasters.

    I just downloaded your most recent show and I plan to listen to it as I drive to and from work today. I\’m really looking forword to haring it, and I\’ll be sure to shoot some comments your way after I\’m done with it. (I\’ll also talk about your show on mine as well.)

    Take care.


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