Review of Commissioned

For our second Eyeskream review we bring Commissioned. This strip is written and drawn by Obsidian, I can?t find a last name, and is about a fantasy artist named O, the artist himself. It follows him as he tries to establish himself by doing Fantasy Art “commissions” and his life as he works and plays with his RPG group.

I have yet to find another strip with quite the same style. O does an excellent job with the panel layout and coloring while keeping the backgrounds and non character details simple. There is a slight overuse of think lines to outline objects and people which gives it an even more cartoonish look. The style appears to be a mix between Mike Judge and Mutts in the real world but a little more proportionate when drawing fantasy creating a distinct style I wouldn?t mind seeing mimicked by other artists. The writing is good and takes experiences from his own life. A writer can never fail or run out of material when a they do this but it does leave the strip very focused towards those readers who have experienced paper fantasy games.


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