Three great comics to keep reading with Pride

It’s the start of July, which means that Pride month is now over. But as the rainbow flags are brought down from corporate offices and social media accounts around the world, there’s one part of the internet where you can continue to get your fix of queer-friendly content all year round! Here, friends, are three webcomics you can go on to read right now that continue the theme of Pride month well past June.

Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu

Check, Please! is, as Steve and Jason so aptly put it during their review of the comic in Episode 424 of Digital Strips, ‘a tale of hockey, love, and love of hockey.’

Check, Please! Chapter 11: Coach II (Page 4)

Set up a little differently to most webcomics (don’t do what I did and click past the ‘how to read this’ section that pops up on your first visit!), Check, Please! is a character drama about finding love—and yourself—both on and off the ice. Even those who aren’t fans of sports dramas will find something to love within its pages.

O Human Star by Blue Delliquanti

Yet another webcomic in the annals of the Digital Strips Reviews (Episode 348), this webcomic about humanity’s incredible digital future not only has pedigree, but quality as well.

O Human Star Chapter 2, Page 29.

Having garnered a host of awards and award nominations over the years, from an Ignatz to the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant (2012), the beautiful art style and gripping storyline of O Human Star will not only keep you guessing—it will keep all readers included as the story goes along.

Rooster Tails by Sam Orchard

Last, but definitely not least, we have a new entry to the Digital Strips ledgers. Rooster Tails is a New Zealander’s perspective on what it means to be queer and trans, from day-to-day life all the way up to world political policy, all flavoured with a liberal dash of uniquely kiwi wit and charm.

Rooster Tails update for June 26, 2019

Rooster Tails is a particularly great place to round off the list, given that its creator, Sam, has just finished a short run of strips talking about his experience at the Queers and Comics Conference in New York, and is doubtless feeling full of energy and ideas to extend queer comic content far beyond Pride month. Sounds to me like a great place to jump in!

What’s your favourite post-Pride read? Have you checked out all the ones on this list? Let us know in the comments below or through Facebook and Twitter. And until next time, always remember—don’t eat the clickbait!


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