Three epic Webcomics to get you over the Game of Thrones Finale

Love it or hate it, the internet is ON FIRE over the Game of Thrones finale.

Not only because the episode was so divisive, but because it marks the end of an era. What do you do with all that time you’d designated for getting your GOT fix, discussing theories for the future of the show, or cackling madly about what happened to Joffrey (all these years and it’s still soooooo satisfying)? What better way to fill the aching void in your hearts than… with webcomics!

We’ve scoured the net to bring you the best epic-scale, character-driven sagas that’ll give you the next best thing to a skiing holiday in Westeros. Here are the three webcomics to read now you’re done with Game of Thrones.

Scurry by Mac Smith

Scurry is a visually stunning epic tale of struggle, the iron grip of a deadly (and mysterious winter) and a ravening pack of beasts that come in the night to hunt.

Sound familiar?

Well, except that everyone is mice.

Scurry by Mac Smith (Cover art)

Steve and Jason have talked about Scurry and it’s incredible caliber of artwork and story on the podcast (Episodes #479 and #495), and the comic has only become better and more dramatically tense since then. The story of a society struggling to survive in a strange, post-humanity winter that never seems to end and surrounded by larger predators on all sides, you’ll love the oppressive feeling of the art and the drama of this world where winter has already come.

Carciphone by Shilin

But perhaps the world of Scurry doesn’t quite hit the mark? After all, you’ve just come off GOT; you’ve got a flavour for the supernatural, and for dark secrets underwriting your stories. You’re looking for the next great mystery to uncover, upon which the fate of a kingdom might rest?

Carciphona, page 1.41

Carciphona’s got you, fam.

Set in a world of demon magic, government regulation and the enigmatic Carciphona herself—a woman whom no magic can touch—this webcomic which started back in 2006 could very well rival George R. R. Martin for the pace at which it’s story is told (although it is certainly putting out content more regularly!), but the manga style and influence will be just enough to give you something new as you delve into a deeply-built world full of intrigue and interest.

Clockwork by Charlotte (Chikuto)

Speaking of beautifully drawn, politically intriguing and character-driven drama, Clockwork has all three in spades!

Clockwork, Page 20

Set in a brighter, more mechanised world than Westeros, Clockwork is nevertheless concealing a squirming underbelly full of secrets, sorcery and politics. The webcomic was first highlighted by Steve and Jason when it premiered back in 2015, and it’s been ticking away steadily ever since, deepening its world and bringing us closer to understanding some of what’s going on in this quietly intense rivalry between two great Imperial powers.

So there’s three ways to salve those burns from the GOT finale – feeling better? Do you have GOT-esque webcomic you’d like to point us towards? Leave a link in the comments below or head on over to tell us on Facebook or Twitter. And until next time, remember – don’t eat the clickbait!


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