Danielle Corsetto and Monica Gallagher launch a new Webcomic

Greetings, Digital Strippers*!

Most of you who’ve been listening to the podcast or reading through the blog over the past few years will be familiar with the love and respect the show has for Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots and Stuck at 32. And if you’ve stumbled down the Webtoons rabbit hole once or twice, chances are you’ll have come across Monica Gallagher’s Assassin RoommateYou might also be familiar with Monica’s work as an Indy artist/creator on Bonnie & Collide, Nine to Five or her slew of other comic projects.

Today, these two creators of comics about strong, independent women came together (with colourist Mae. S. Keller) to launch their new collaborative comic: Boo! It’s Sex.

Boo! It’s sex is a twice-a-week comic about four fresh(wo)men moving into their new house, only to find a rather unexpected occupant already living there: Tara, the recently-ghostified young lady who literally crawled into a tequila bottle when everyone else left. Tara is determined to make sure the Fresh Four’s stay will be full of fun, frolic and…erm… other words beginning with “F”. The comic is a little bit of mystery (what happened to Tara?) a little bit of comedy (Careful who you bring home when your roommate treats walls as ‘optional’) and a little bit of education:

Clearly, it’s still early in this comic’s run! But unlike the days of yore, when a webcomic would launch with a single strip and work it’s way from there, the Webtoons format gives us a great picture of what the comic looks to be from these first five chapters – and we think it looks to be the kind of great we’ve come to expect from Corsetto and Gallagher.

What did you think of the first chapters of Boo! It’s Sex? Do you feel like you’ll follow on, or that this one’s not for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter and until next time, remember: don’t eat the clickbait!

*okay, I know that went out of fashion here in like 2010 but I’m bringing it back, dammit.


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