Rampage Network’s 7th Anniversary Contest

Is there anything better than a contest? This time Mr. Hernandez is taking a completely new approach. Taking advantage of the newest technology combined with an interesting experiment we’ve got a twitter contest! Now I’ve been one of those people who has had twitter since the beginning but never took advantage of it. But I can imagine that if just one person picks up on my Rampage tweet news of this contest can spread like wildfire. I like it! Here’s the announcement from the host site:

Celebrating a few months late, the Rampage Network’s 7th Anniversary Contest is here at last! And with 7 being our lucky number, we are not giving just one grand prize package, we are giving away 2 Grand Prize Packages!

Each of the 2 Packages will include the following:
1 > Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella
1 > Colonel J. Fizziwig’s Steampunk Firearm (type TBA)
1 > Black Aviator Cap OR Victorian Coachman Hat
1 > Customized Pair of Basic Steampunk Googles
1 > Wacom Intuos 4 Large

What are we celebrating?

The Rampage Network is currently celebrating its 7th year online, maintaining its commitment to developing a network of the most talented webcomic creators online.

How do you enter?

If you want to win one these awesome packages, though, you just need to retweet this post using the retweet button below. Alternatively you can also copy and paste the message below on your favorite Twitter client:

RT Win 2 grand prizes from Wacom Tablets, ThinkGeek, and others at http://rampagenetwork.com #rampagenetwork

The contest will run for 14 days, and you may enter once  a day for those 14 days. On Christmas Day I’ll randomly pick 2 winners out of all the people who retweeted the post. I’ll post an update on this post with the name of them, so you might wanna check it again on Saturday.

Good luck!


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