Wowio Now Owns ~MILLIONS~ Of Horribly Designed Webcomic Sites (DrunkDuck)

Forget the hype, forget the press releases; the move by Wowio, the premiere site for eBooks online, to purchase DrunkDuck, one of the largest warehouses of webcomics on the Internet, gives them a load of digitally-distributed comics to choose from. Are they all great? No. Are some of them great? Not really. Are a select few worth taking a look at? Yes, and so Wowio now owns that handful of webcomics. With the recent buyout of WeVolt to leverage their social networking skills, Wowio is setting itself up to be a power player in the webcomics space. Of course, by power player, I mean, “company to own a lot of comics”.

Now if they would just buy out a web designer to alter the God-awful designs that haunt the spaces behind the DrunkDuck comics themselves, we might be in business.


3 thoughts on “Wowio Now Owns ~MILLIONS~ Of Horribly Designed Webcomic Sites (DrunkDuck)

  1. Dude, they’re re-arranging the deck chairs.

    Do you remember when Platinum bought Wowio? I do, and you can still find articles about it dating back to 2008 by just doing a search on the phrase “Platinum buys Wowio”.

    So Platinum bought Drunk Duck, then bought Wowio, and now Wowio has bought Drunk Duck.

    I have no proof, but it sounds like Platinum is getting ready to sell off Wowio, and they needed to sweeten the offer before looking for a buyer.

    Disclaimer: I’m a fan, not an analyst. No professional nor insider knowledge offered nor implied. Other possible scenarios exist and might be more likely.

  2. Good call, that seems like a feasible scenario. I’m just not sure why they would sweeten it with something like DrunkDuck. Does that name carry that much weight in the comics community?

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