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I was out of action for a month and let me start off with not a manga news update, but cute webcomic blog. This webcomic blog is MyCartoons.Org, and I believe that this webcomic blog has German origins.

Now I applaud this webcomic website because it tells a story with just a single panel and yet it can be so interesting to read. You will find yourself smiling, even with some snickering to yourself with the webcomic while the author toys with some dry wit or lame jokes into his artwork.

This is not easy because with just a single panel, the author manages to illustrate scenarios well, leaving you just enough hints to piece together what the author is trying to say. I really find that this is an ingenious way to portray a webcomic and it is an incredible job to pull it off well! Pretty sure not many folks could do that.

Best of all, the webcomics is actually ageless; it does not tell a story, and you do not have to check on it everyday or the archives to enjoy the webcomic. I guess I just like the casual and lighthearted way of the author’s illustrations, just like how I would read some Calvin and Hobbes random comics in a newspaper.

Just to note, sometimes the author tries to implant mature and suggestive thoughts into you in order to make you laugh, and I will rate it a PG-13 just for that. Beyond that, it is really safe for you to read them anywhere.

The author may not update every week; he draws for local publishers and gets paid by them. However it is still worth a good read, so
grab yourself a cup of coffee, take a break, and just take a look at this lighthearted webcomic when you are feeling stressed or down. I am sure you will feel pretty good after that!

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