GeekToMe, Postcards, Design, UFO’s, and the End of the World

Somehow in a matter of days my Google alert, for webcomic news, went crazy. There were at least 15 but half of those were for the constant Digg updates on xkcd or the Weekly Webcomiq Wrapup from Joystiq. Both of which I stop bothering with because I just get tired of being bombarded. Now for something completely different.

It looks like webcomics has a fan at Chicago Now in GeekToMe. Don’t know about the name, as there’s something inherently annoying in calling webcomics Geek related. Anyways it appears he mentions small comics every Wednesday with little fanfare except that it’s mentioned on a site that gets hundreds of thousands of readers. Not bad.

The fourth annual Webcomic Holiday Postcard Fundraiser has begun where a whole bunch of webcomic artists have teamed up to create a set of classy holiday themed postcards! By purchasing any holiday themed postcard set, you’ll be donating to Child’s Play, a charity that collects toys and donations for sick children each holiday season! These high quality 4.25″x6″ postcards feature original art from Chris Malone, H. Caldwell Tanner, Steve Napierski, Tina Pratt, Brian Wilson, David Stanworth, Jamie Noguchi, Jen Brazas, Mohammad F. Haque, Scott Ramsoomair, Shawn Handyside, Vinson “Bleedman” Ngo, Yuko Ota.

Normally I don’t mention when a site does nothing but show a specific strip. I find that slightly silly and showing a complete lack of writing skill, but then every once in awhile the strip is worth reading. This time I’m linked to a new comic called Oatmeal.It took me 30 min to get past the ghastly artwork but the writing is so enjoyable I learned to read without using my eyes. This one in particular had me howling as it’s similiar to my past experiences dealing with clients.

Newsarama gives an interview with APE Entertainment’s Submissions Editor, Troy Dye, and the writer of a new APE webcomic, Elton Pruitt. Whilte talking about UFO Anthology: Encounter with the Unknown Newsarama discovers that APE has an existing small collection of webcomics, believes in alien life, every parent has a story to scare the children, everyone loves their readers doing their work for them, and that all it takes to be successful in any new project is to do your best.

The newest webcomic critic, El Santo, has a new editorial up on ComixTalk. Not my cup of tea but he does take a very long and in-depth look at the Zuda comic Azure. Apparently it’s an apocalyptic webcomic that doesn’t leave anything to chance. If you’re going to destroy the world why not throw everything you got it? Well El Santo goes further and talks about the artwork, setting, and writing with enough detail to wet my appetite but enough to convince me to read the comic. Although I could probably get by with a few fight scenes from the sneak peeks he shows us.


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