Left to our own devices: iPad coming soon?

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Apple is working on a larger version of the iPod touch, something in the 6×9″ range that would be ideal for, among other things, reading comics. Well, the latest inside story rumor is that Apple is going all out to launch the item in September 2009, months ahead of the earlier schedule. They seem to be thinking more in terms of music and movies than books, but obviously this would be a good format for comics as well.

Meanwhile, the content for the regular iPhone/iPod Touch continues to roll in. Two very different but very major creators announced direct-to-iPhone releases at San Diego Comic-Con last week: Stan Lee will bring his Stripperella to the small screen, and Lewis Trondheim will be putting an original comic on the iPhone as well. (Via Robot 6.) In addition, Markosia Comics announced a four-issue “cyberpunk-styled” series, The Dark.

Speaking of Stan Lee he is teaming up with Disney to create Time Jumper, an original digital motion comic that will be available from iTunes starting later this week. The website is already live and features a video of Stan Lee himself along with some spoofs of headhunter ads. Lee will voice one of the characters, Lee Excelsior. The app went up on iTunes today and at $7.99 for a season pass, it’s one of their pricier apps.

Robot Comics has launched a line of comics for the Kindle, starting with Desert Peach, by Donna Barr.

Johanna Draper Carlson discusses some of the disadvantages of digital media at Comics Worth Reading.


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