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First of all, check out my new webcomics column, Unbound, over at Robot 6. For this inaugural column, I reflected on what I learned from a year of ZudaWatch podcasts right here at DS. It’s very simple, really: Tell the damn story!

And here’s a useful resource, also courtesy of Robot 6: A horror webcomics list. Handy for when you’re home alone on a dark and stormy night and need something new to read.

At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson talks to Tara Tallan, creator of Galaxion.

Scott McCloud points us to the webcomic Manmachine, which has an interesting scrolling mechanism—you pull the comic along with the cursor. (Via Scott’s blog.)

At Blog@Newsarama, Vaneta Rogers asks a bunch of comics folks what they think of the new modes of digital distribution for comics and gets a range of different answers.

Tucker Stone interviews Kate Beaton at comiXology. Kate’s first print collection sold out in a heartbeat, but fortunately there are more copies on the way.

Xaviar Xerxes talks to Caleb Sevcik, who has a new webcomic in the works but not up yet, at ComixTalk.

The latest episode of The Webcomic Beacon is devoted to what not to do when making a webcomic.

At, Brad Guigar has some suggestions for making the most of your About page. Then his readers chip in with some ideas of their own.

Added to my RSS feed: Webcomic Rumble, an e-zine and podcast that promise to look at webcomics with a critical and informed eye, from the point of view of readers rather than creators.

Some reviews and recommendations:
Sean Kleefeld on Runners (Kleefeld on Comics)
Larry Cruz on Surfboards and Rayguns (The Webcomic Overlook)


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