Left to our own devices: Special DX edition

The big news yesterday was the release of the Kindle DX, which is bigger and has better graphics than the Kindle 2. It’s also more expensive, with a $489 price tag. The selling point is that the Kindle DX can handle newspapers and magazines, and quite a few people are eyeballing it for comics as well, but it still lacks that essential ingredient: Color.

Engadget takes a first look at the Kindle DX and even has a video demo.

And how will it do for comics? As always, the first stop is The Beat, where folks gather around Heidi’s water cooler to compare notes. Kelson Vibber sees definite potential as a comics platform, and Lori Henderson looks at how it stacks up as a manga reader. Glen Hauman at Comic Mix sees the lack of color as an obstacle.

Finally, a few items that aren’t specifically about comics but may be of interest to readers and creators: At the New York Times blog Bits, Saul Hansell compares the marketing philosophies behind the Kindle and the iPod: Sell a lot of books to a few people (Kindle) or a few books to a lot of people (iPod) and considers the ramifications of the rumored Apple tablet. And the ireaderreview has an interesting analysis of e-book costs and pricing.


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