Webcomic All-Stars Spotlight ~ON~ Joe Dunn of Joe Loves Crappy Movies, Another Videogame Webcomic

If there’s one thing that webizens love to talk about, it’s video games. If there’s one more thing after gaming, it’s movies. Luckily, Joe Dunn has both genres covered, and in top form no less.

Dunn is the creator behind Joe Loves Crappy Movies, a somewhat autobiographical strip about reviewing movies and sometimes acting out those which are either too great to pass up or too horrible to forget. With this strip, Dunn has taken the age-old pastime of reviewing and critiquing movies and made it infinitely more intriguing by making it a visual activity as well as a cerebral one. Along this same line, the strip is featured above the review of each movie, making the comic the star of the feature and the review a simple supporting actor.


Joe loves lots of other things, too (Drawing Copyright 2009 Jason Sigler)

I’ve always been a proponent of putting the comic first and the rest of the site second, third, or even dead last. Dunn has stuck to this credo by featuring his parodied take on films as the main attraction of the site, and what blockbusters they are. Each comic usually takes one element of a particular movie and dissects it with Joe and his buddies along to either act out the parts or simply point out subtle flaws that might go overlooked by the undiscerning viewer’s eyes.

Recently, Dunn has turned his critical attention to another geeky genre: video games. And though there are countless gaming comics out there already, it’s clear that this is known by the title of the comic, Another Videogame Webcomic. In this strip, the characters (headed up by Player 1 and the newly recruited Player 2) take on jobs in their workplace that mimic those of the current big titles today. This slight tweak on the gaming comic formula makes it just fresh enough to warrant a look or two, and Dunn’s precision comic scalpel tears in and does the rest.

So if you’ve got geeky tendencies and a desire to seek the truth about films and video games, Dunn’s got just the comic for you.


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