Tight Race For First Place In Zuda ~BUT~ No ZudaWatch This Month Means You Have To Make Up Your OWN Mind

Every month, you expect the same great review crew to take a look at the current month’s crop of ten in ZudaWatch and every month we deliver. Well, not this month. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties in the recording and translating process, we won’t be able to bring you our detailed and thorough analysis this month.

We can, however, note that it is still a very, VERY tight race for first in this month’s competition, between Ryan Estrada’s The Kind You Don’t Bring Home To Mother in first place and Axel Medellin Machain’s Earthbuilders in second (many other creative hands on this one, check the site for the list). The momentum just shifted back in Estrada’s favor, so this looks to be another race that is just too close to call!

Right behind them is a continuation of the webcomic series, Intergalactic Law by Lisa Fary and John Dallaire, subtitled Grey Squad. All three, I can assure you, were approved by all of us at ZudaWatch so this is a race that is a joy for us to watch. And it’s not too late to make your voice heard! Jump in there, get registered, and make your vote count!


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