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J.J. McCullough is shutting down his political webcomic Filibuster, and his explanation is worth a look:

My reasons are multiple, but the simplest explanation may also be the most blunt — the site is simply not popular enough.

A lot of folks would regard 2,000 daily visitors as pretty good traffic. This comes at an interesting time, though, when a lot of editorial cartoonists are losing their jobs at print newspapers, and some lively discussions are going on about the print/webcomics model for that genre. Xavier Xerxes reacts to McCullough’s decision at ComixTalk; the headline alone is worth a click.

On the other hand, Lea Hernandez is relaunching her webcomic Rumble Girls: Runaway Lightning Ohmry, on a subscription model. Sort of a modified subscription model, actually: You can read the comic online for free, but subscribers get earlier updates and a bouquet of other perks.

The nominees have been announced for the Stumptown Comics Fest trophy. Here are the webcomics contenders:

jason janicki, Wayfarer’s Moon
Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells, Skin Horse
terrytoledo, Sid Love
Craig Schwartz,
Daniele, The Cide

At The Savage Critic, Jeff Lester wraps up his three-part interview with Adam Knave, creator of Legend of the Burrito Blade. (Part 1 and part 2 focus on Knave’s print work.)

John Freeman has a brief chat with the creators of Spy6Teen, one of the new Zuda entries, at the Down the Tubes Mobile Comics blog.

Xaviar Xerxes talks to Box Brown, creator of Bellen!, at ComixTalk.


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