Links: Dispatches from the front lines

Matthew Braga of Blog T.O. reports on the “Talking Webcomics” event in Toronto, which featured Kate Beaton, Willow Dawson, Emily Horne, Brian McLachlan, and Ryan North.

The Halfpixel crew has a video of their recent panel from Emerald City Comic Con up at Also new at the site: A quickie tutorial in Comic Life Magiq, a “photo comic creation tool.”

William Jones of the Graphic Novel Reporter interviews Mitch Clem, creator of Nothing Nice to Say (now out in print from Dark Horse) and the very funny My Stupid Life.

At ICv2, comics retailer Steve Bennett reflects on the real advantage of digital comics: They have no physical existence.

At Publishers Weekly Comics Week, Ada Price has a nice piece on Zuda’s first print comic, Jeremy Love’s Bayou.

Open-source webcomic: Someone has gone to the trouble of translating Ubunchu, a Japanese manga about the Ubuntu operating system, and putting it online. Because this is manga, the OS is presented in the context of an after-school club, and there are battles. Sort of. One thing that’s kind of cool is that the creator and the blogger have made sources and rough translations available and invited their readers to improve the comic if they like.


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