Links: Recommended reading and a look at the Kindle had a really nice relaunch under the new owners, with some well written, useful articles, and then it sort of disappeared, due to problems with their web host. Now they’re back, sort of, although their RSS feed stopped working in my reader and I had to cancel and resubscribe. And they are looking for new content, so if you want to share your learning experiences with other creators, here’s some info on submitting a story.

El Santo has a nice review up of Dawn of Time at The Webcomic Overlook.

At Publishers Weekly Comics Week, Ada Price takes a critical look at reading comics on the Kindle. Despite the imperfections of the platform, publishers are taking it seriously as the next step in the long march to digital distribution. In other platform news, Slippery Brick notes that Sony is working on downloadable comics for the PSP.

Kevin Church is posting brief takes on webcomics by Twitter users at his blog, BeaucoupKevin(dot)com.

Here’s a new comic that’s worth a look: Model Behaviour, a manga-style comic about a shallow ladies man who happens to work in the fashion industry and becomes obsessed with a model. It’s a light comedy, and you can sort of see what’s coming with the latest twist, but it’s a fun read.

The sixth print volume of Dandy and Company is now available from

Cory Doctorow has high praise for the print edition of Get Your War On at Boing Boing.

At ComicMix, Marc Alan Fishman recommends that you read Rogue Robot.

Stuck at your desk? Mari Kurisato lists three webcomics that are safe for work.


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