Links: Fast updates for a busy day

Here’s an opportunity for creators: The Tangled Bank is looking for speculative works, including comics, for an online anthology celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. Read the guidelines for all the details, including payment. (Via Comics Worth Reading.)

Tim O’Shea talks to Warren and Gary Pleece about their new comic, Montague Terrace, which debuted last week on Act-I-Vate.

Spider-Girl returns to the Marvel Universe—the Marvel Digital Comics Universe, that is. Interesting use of the platform to promote a niche product—they have a couple of the older stories up for free, and a brand-new one coming that is online only.

For some reason, Toronto seems to produce an extraordinary number of good webcomics artists, so this webcomics panel, scheduled for April 7, should be really interesting.

Speaking of Toronto artists, Michael May reviews Karl Kerschl’s webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher at Robot6.

New webcomic alert: Porterhouse, a gag strip about an aspiring comics creator by Tom Torre and Dr. McNinja inker Kent Archer. (Hat tip: ComixTalk.)

OK, we’re a bit late with this news, but Blue Sky reached its 500th installment in February. Congratulations to creator Jacob Bond.

ICv2 has a bit more on that Sony digital comics system for the PSP.


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