Webcomics Creators and Enthusiasts Alike… ~WELCOME~ To Webcomics Weekend!

It’s like a dream come true for anyone who has followed webcomics, heard of webcomics, or who may have come into contact with webcomics (consult a physician).

This week, the Webcomics Weekend was announced, and it is packed full of webcomic talent, the likes of which has never been found under one roof. Taking place in Easthampton, MA, this meet-and-greet-and-possibly-buy-some-merch-not-a-convention get-together already has a huge list of guests and it’s just going to get bigger before the March 20th kickoff date.

Visit the Webcomics Weekend site, join the Facebook group, follow the webcomicsweekend bird on Twitter, and get yourselves to MA come March to take part in a milestone in webcomics history!



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