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Does motion comic=bad animation? Someone in the webcomics panel at the ICv2 conference that opened NYCC said words to that effect, and now here’s Blog@Newsarama’s David Pepose arguing in the other direction, saying that the choppy animation of BET’s Black Panther series made it more like a good motion comic than a bad cartoon. And here’s a comic about motion comics, which pretty effectively explains what you will lose when you add animation.

Ignoring all this, Marvel Comics announced at NYCC that they will be doing a motion comic of Astonishing X-Men for digital release via iTunes and the web.

Writer Christopher Irving seems to be quite taken with Dean Haspiel’s coolness in this article at NYC Graphic Novelists, but it’s an interesting read anyway, and the site itself looks like it’s worth bookmarking. Also, Seth Kushner’s lovely photos are worth a click, although I don’t remember Brooklyn being quite that gray. Dean also talks to The New York Times about webcomics, living in Brooklyn, and … stuff.

Brian Warmoth interviews Brendan McGinley, creator of Hannibal Goes to Rome, which debuted on Zuda and now sits on the Shadowline Web Comics site.

Here’s a cute little comics-theory webcomic that stays still while you use arrows to scroll through it. (Via Journalista.)

The Independent, a UK newspaper, discovers webcomics. The article covers well-trodden ground. but the patient reader will be rewarded by an interview with Gary Tyrrell and some interesting tidbits.

High Moon creator David Gallaher lists 20 webcomics worth checking out at Blog@Newsarama. It’s a good selection, but it’s too bad no one thought to include links to the comics. Fortunately, Gallaher follows up and providest the links here.

Meanwhile, at The Webcomic Overlook, El Santo lists the worst webcomic titles—it’s not that the comics are so bad, it’s that the titles make you not want to read them. And he treats us to reviews of Sam and Lilah, Loviathan, and SPQR Blues.


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