Comics Monkey ~OPENS~ New Door For Direct Distribution

What’s tougher and sharper than a Diamond? Could it possibly be a… Comics Monkey?

Ok, so the ad slogan might be a bit difficult to write, but Ka-Blam has taken the wraps off its new direct distribution alternative to the Diamond Distributors behemoth and its name is Comics Monkey. Thus far, there’s little to go on other than pure speculation and hopes and dreams which may or may not be shattered, so I’ll let the presser speak for itself.

Distribution into the direct comics market system is something we’ve had on the drawing board almost since we launched in 2005. It’s a daunting prospect and we’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of years puzzling through how we wanted to approach it. We had planned to roll out a brief pilot program of sorts – offering a limited catalog of items available only to a handful of volunteer retailers – by summer of this year. And then take what we learned from that program, retool a bit, add the full catalog, and launch the actual service sometime this fall.

The best laid schemes of mice and men …

With news of the developments in the direct market in January and their impact on independent publishers, we began getting pummeled with messages and emails all asking a variance of the same thing “When are you guys going to start distributing to comics shops?”

We realized that a multi-month pilot program, an indeterminate retooling period, and an official launch 9 months or so from now were off the table for good. Circumstances were dictating the pace. We couldn’t wait any longer.

We’ve got to go now.

This is less than ideal, but unavoidable.  We know that just as with the launch of Ka-Blam and then again with IndyPlanet, there will be unforeseen complications,  fits and starts, and hiccups aplenty along the way. Things will not always go smoothly. We’ll make mistakes, but we’ll correct them. It’ll certainly take us a while to get our legs under us and to fully hit our stride. We beg your indulgence during this time and promise you that your patience will be rewarded.

There will be a lot more information in the coming days, but for now here are the basics – […]

Visit the ComicsMonkey site for the full info dump thus far and thanks to Newsarama for the catch on this awesome news break!


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