Random things that struck me as worthy of note

Webcomic Overlook looks back at the small moments of 2008, webcomics-wise, in a very entertaining post.

Mike Raub interviews the creators of Zuda winner The Black Cherry Bombshells in his latest podcast at ComicMix.

Araknid Kid, by Josh Alves, provoked some passionate discussion in one of our early Zudawatch podcasts. Josh didn’t win that month, but Araknid Kid has a new home at Sugary Serials and Josh has just announced his first dead-tree edition.

New webcomic alert! The Whore of Turfan, written by Tina Anderson, who is well known in global BL circles, and illlustrated by MTCopyright. Just one page up so far, and the next one doesn’t go up until Friday, but already it looks lush and interesting.

Elfquest creator Wendy Pini took off in a new direction last year with her yaoi webcomic Masque of the Red Death. Pini’s version is a lush re-imagining of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic story of the same name. It got mixed reviews, but Deb Aoki finds a lot to like in her review of the first volume of the print edition.

Derek Kirk Kim has some nice drawings up in his sketch diary. (Thanks to Jason Thompson for the link.)

If you’re pushing around the idea of a webcomic in your head, take a look at this post on using Blogger as a webcomics host. It’s a quick, free, low-risk way to get started. (I’m a WordPress fan myself, but I can see that Blogger is better in some ways.) Also, I continue to be impressed with the short, meaty how-to articles on Webcomics.com. Stop by and take a look if you haven’t already.


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