PvP: The Series Vol. 1 ~COMING~ To DVD

Cole! Francis! Brent! Skull! The whole gang is here for a DVD compilation of the first season!

The last glance I took at The Series was around episode 5, when the concept and format were still new to series creators Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub. Back then, it was made apparent that I was not going to enjoy this thing on an episode-by-episode basis.

But who’s to say there aren’t other TV shows that beg to follow the same format? As with nearly any DVD compilation, it’s not the basic content I’m stoked about, but the extras! Check out these bonuses:

  • Episode commentary with the series writers 
  • Magic Hands’ production video blogs 
  • Acting with Dino, the voice of Skull the Troll 
  • Production Artwork 
  • Full length theme song MP3

If you watched any of the episodes you know that the theme song is worth the price alone! Stop by the Blind Ferret store and pre-order your copy now!


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