No Longer In Print! ~Featuring~ Angry Little Robot

In browsing the archives of Michael Rouse-Deane’s Guest Strip Project (which is now in the midst of a December Donation-A-Thon, all proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, go give NOW!), I came across a nice little strip by Jamie Smart.

His contribution to the project thus far marks the 100th strip of a tale that involves a cast of cops doing what they do best in comedic situations (bumbling) and is easily one of the better iterations. Observing this, I clicked on his name to see what else he does and for my efforts, I was rewarded with a cute, demented little strip called Angry Little Robot.

Do yourself a favor and check out the shallow, abruptly-ended, NSFW archives (especially numbers 2-7, which feature timely Christmas themes), and click through to the newly minted Fumblog where Jamie promises to bring more webcomicky goodness on a (hopefully) regular basis.

Don’t feel too sorry for the little guy, he’ll be getting nothing but coal in his stocking. (Image Copyright Jamie Smart 2008)


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