The Gazette ~TAKES~ A Piercing Look At Webcomics

Al Kratina has taken the time to give some outsider insight into webcomics, and he gets so many things right, it’s an article well worth taking a look at.

Scope the article and then think about these questions the article raises:

– Who will ultimately prove the victor in this brave, new world? DC, with their create-to-compete approach, Dark Horse, who has hitched their wagon to a flash-in-the-pan fad, or Marvel, who falls somewhere in between with original comics coming soon to their online-only service?

– Regardless of whether you’re just a fan or a tried-in-the-fire creator, which approach to webcomics do you tend towards? The infinite canvas style, popularized and categorized by Scott McCloud, or as a means of broadcasting a work to the world at very little cost and risk to the creator?

For me, that last one especially is worthy of at least a day-long discussion, so I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts!


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