A few things you might have missed…

Everyone’s yelling about DJ Coffman again, but we’re not going there. Instead, here’s some alternative webcomics news.

The first print editions of Zuda comics have been announced: Bayou and High Moon got the nod. Actually, I got a print sampler of Zuda comics at NYCC, with a rather odd horizontal format. It will be interesting to see if they reformat the webcomics to fit the standard vertical page.

If you listen to the podcast, you know I’m a fan of Hereville, by Barry Deutsch. He recently signed a print contract with Abrams (publishers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid), which gave me an excuse to chat with him at PWCW.

At Comic Book Resources, Timothy Callahan interviews Kevin Colden about Fishtown, which is also about to make the move to dead tree media.

Meanwhile, CBR’s Shaun Manning talks to Marvel’s John Cerilli about Marvel’s Digital Comics Universe as we approach the anniversary of its launch.

Hey, Comics.com opened up their archives! This article has a bit of info, but the basic 411 is that Comics.com is the website of Universal Features Syndicate, which handles a lot of newspaper comic strips, and until recently, they only carried a limited selection (including, IIRC, the comic from two weeks ago but not from today). Since my local paper has an incredibly lame selection of comics (they just got rid of the execrable Mallard Fillmore but are still carrying the stupefyingly banal Red and Rover), this may be my new morning read. (Via The Comics Reporter.)


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