Twitter Fuels Creativity ~MORE THAN~ Red Bull

Not too much going on today that Brigid hasn’t already tied up with a nice, big bow, so let’s talk webcomics and Twitter for a bit.

Shortpacked! is a great strip about toy retailers and the lives they lead. The characters are well developed andPanel from Shortpacked Copyright 2008 David Willis really help to take the storytelling to the next level in terms of connecting with them on something higher than a superficial (gimmicky) level.

One such character is Galasso (pictured right, as drawn by creator David Willis, not me), the hot-headed, J. Jonah Jamesonian boss of the toy store in which the strip is set. Recently, it was posited by Willis that an upcoming strip would reference Galasso’s favorite TV show and that one lucky Twitterer would win the right to establish that program.

Remember when creators would run mail contests or use 800 numbers for such contests? Isn’t technology amazing? Willis, after using Paul Southworth’s suggestion of “Say Yes To The Dress”, qualifies the winner, even getting in a quick jab at Southworth’s own viewing habits:

I had never heard of the show, since I am straight, but when I Googled it up, I decided it was the most hilarious answer possible.

So make sure to add your favorite creator’s Twitter feeds to your list, because you never know when the chance to be immortalized in digital form for all time could sneak up next!


2 thoughts on “Twitter Fuels Creativity ~MORE THAN~ Red Bull

  1. Woah, where have I seen an article about using Twitter for Web comics just earlier this week published a couple days before this one? I sure wonder…

    When inspired by someone to write an article on something that was just covered and reported in several blog, at the very least give credit to the person and site that inspired your post…

  2. I am certain to do just that when the credit is not my own.

    In this case, however, that’s simply not so. I came across this on my own Twitter feed, as I “watch” Shortpacked regularly, and decided to write about it as it’s a very cool way of using a social networking service to include the audience in the work.

    With so many blogs around, it’s impossible to have one person write about it and get everyone else to give credit to that author. I apologize if it came off as plagiaristic, as that was not my intention. Next time, I’ll make sure to include a qualifier as to where I got the idea.

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