Presidents, Platinum, and popularity contests

Gary Tyrrell tackles a loaded question: How do you gauge the popularity of a webcomic?

It has been just about a year since Marvel Comics launched their digital comics site, and now they are moving in a slightly new direction with some online-only titles based on their characters. Johanna Draper Carlson has some observations and a poll at Comics Worth Reading.

How much of a High Moon fan are you? Would you dress up as a character from High Moon and take a picture of yourself in order to get some High Moon paraphernalia? That is a question that each of us must answer in our hearts, but if you think it’s going to be a yes, do it by November 1.

After a ten-year hiatus, The Mighty Tubularman is back!

The implosion of Platinum Studios has been a topic of conversation all over the blogosphere. If you’re just emerging from your cave, Tim O’Shea summarizes it neatly in quotes at Blog@Newsarama. And if you’re feeling dyspeptic, head on over to DJ Coffman’s blog, where he lays down some smack on Scott Kurtz while defending his own role in the whole thing.

Manga blogger Deb Aoki talks to Elfquest creator Wendy Pini about her long creative career. Did you know that Wendy and Richard Pini are putting the whole Elfquest story online? Wendy is also the creator of the webcomic Masque of the Red Death.

If you’ve had enough of the current presidential race, here’s a treat: Forty-Four Presidents and a letter to a cat, with fun facts about each Chief Executive.


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