PC Weenies Creator Krishna Sadasivam ~SAYS~ I Will Draw You A Robot

With PC Weenies getting on in years, Krishna Sadasivam decided it was time to try something new. ThatWall-E Copyright 2008 Pixar something is another in a growing list of comics-on-commission sites, this one focusing on the soulless and mechanical members of our society.

No, not John McCain. (ZING!)

For some amount of money, Krishna will draw you a robot. $25 gets you a black-and-white signed print, while $50 will turn that print into color. Spend $100 with Draw Me A Robot and you will be the proud owner of a custom-made robot. I just might have $25 dollars lying around here somewhere…

Stay tuned for Digital Strips’ own comics-for-hire endeavor, “Draw Me A Comic Strip That Someone Else Already Drew!”, where I will trace over a previously published comic strip, sign, and mail it to you!



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