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Sean Kleefeld notices a Zuda comic that moved to another site after the contest and wonders what happened to the other non-winners. David Gallaher drops in in comments to point to quite a few that have found new homes. In face, I think the losers can be winners with Zuda, because they can attract a following and then go off on their own, unencumbered by contracts. Also, Zuda keeps all the old comics, winners and losers alike, up on their site.

New webcomic alert: Be the first one to jump on the bandwagon for Kitty Hawk, a nice action comic set in 1933 and starring a female pilot and some very sharp alternative aviation designs. It’s by Braden Lamb and Vincent LaBate and has an interesting, mostly realistic style.

If hot babes in classic planes isn’t your thing, how about some graphic design humor? 1PtRule is a new webcomic about the hilarious things that happen to those who toil in the trenches of Quark. Unfortunately, the webcomic is difficult to navigate as the designers have dispensed with the bourgeois conventions of “first,” “next,” “back,” and “archive” directionals. Ironic, no?

Also, in case you were missing it, Zortic is back, with a new universe, a different focus (less parody) and the occasional Easter egg.

JK Parkin talks to Marvel EIC Joe Quesada about the Marvel digital initiative in his latst Cup o’Joe column. (Link is to Newsarama because the URL for the column itself is bigger than my computer screen. Memo to Marvel: Better get the URL thing under control if you have plans to stay in the digital arena.

Chuck Rozakis reviews Minus at ComicMix.

Austin English has 20 questions for Danny Dutch creator David King. (Via Journalista.)

I love mixing Baudrillard with comics collecting, don’t you? Frederick Wright considers the existential question of whether a comics collection can be preserved solely in digital form. (Again via Dirk, who notes that this article is already out of date.)


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Brigid!

    We haven’t, how shall we say, *dispensed* with the standard navigation, so much as we’re still developing it on a category-specific level within the larger Movable Type architecture the site runs on. But believe me, *we hear you on that.*


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