It’s a Cartoon-Off, People… ~IT’S~ A Cartoon-Off

Much like the once shrouded-in-mystery world of male modeling has its walk-offs, held in abandoned warehouses to determine the cream of the crop, so too, apparently, do cartoonists and illustrators have cartoon-offs.

Now, this might just be because it comes from The New Yorker, a publication famous for feeling elitist and making you feel not so elitist, but this phenomenon has gone completely unnoticed by me, a cartoonist/illustrator by trade. Regardless, it happens, it involves XKCD creator Randall Munroe and Farley Katz, writer for The New Yorker, and it’s awesome.

Surprisingly, the article itself is amusing and includes a nice Q&A with Munroe at the end. My favorite part is when Munroe is clearly the winner of the event; it’s like this was actually a pitch for him to work for The New Yorker which Katz decided to post live for everyone to see. Click through and enjoy the fun.


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