Harvey Awards Announce A Winner ~THAT~ We Already Knew Was Awesome

Comic book awards are typically given, like those of television and film, in an annual manner because they reflect the works of art in those particular genres that were presented in the time span before the awards are… well, awarded.

TheHarvey Award for Best On-Line Comic, however, is up for grabs, regardless of the time in which it was produced. Just started last week? I like what I see, here’s a nomination. Haven’t updated in at least six months? Have a nom. Whipped up a collected edition in book form, but put NOTHING online in the time period prefacing the awards? I think that’s good enough for a Harvey.

And this isn’t bitterness because mine didn’t win, I wasn’t nominated. It’s just that the winner, the Perry Bible Fellowship, while a great comic strip in nearly every aspect of the term, has been lingering in limbo for about the last year while a collected edition was produced by Dark Horse Books. It’s no secret how diverse and hilariously, uproariously funny PBF is, but the category even says it: Best On-Line Comic. Perry Bible Fellowship has been officially on hiatus since February of this year, and therefore, not on-line.

Nominee and recipient of the unfortunate task of being hosted by Drunk Duck, The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo, has two editions also in print, but it at least has an online component as well; it’s how I and the rest of the DS crew found the strip in the first place. So why no love for this regularly updating, relative newcomer? Click the link to go check in on this stellar strip, read some PBF while you’re at it, and then write the Harveys a stern letter, pleading with them to take the on-line comic category seriously.


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