Standing (Sitting, Actually) In Awe ~OF~ Mike Krahulik

Nothing more to post than this, a painting by Mike “Gabe” Krahulik. It features… well, if you look at it and can’t figure out immediately what the subject matter is, then why are you checking out this site? Honestly.

Stare with me and try not to drool on your keyboard. I dare you.

The coolest part? This is just the first in a series he wants to create based on his favorite games, including, but hopefully not limited to, “stuff like Zelda, Rez, Kingdom Hearts and Bioshock”. If you’re a gamer like me, you can now squeal with delight.

And the amazing thing is that this quaint, simple painting, like the PA strips of the last couple of years, contain so much life and vibrance, infinitely more than any other webcomic artist out there. The man is a burgeoning master of his craft, a true artist amongst the multitude of pencillers and inkers, and I sit in jealousy (and awe) of creators like Scott Kurtz who get to hang out with him for even a weekend.

If there does end up being a show of some sort out in Washington for this collection (something Krahulik admits to shooting for in the blog post), I might just have to make my first trip ever to the West Coast to catch it.


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