Rice Boy Creator Evan Dahm’s ~NEW~ Webcomic, Order of Tales

Months ago, Steve (The Geek) and I came across Rice Boy, and we instantly entranced by its subtle beauty Page 1 of Order of Tales Copyright Evan Dahm 2008and epic adventureness.  The full-color tale about a chosen boy who might someday bring balance to the universe is certainly not fresh by any stretch of the imagination, yet Evan Dahm, the strip’s creator, was somehow able to make it just that.

Now, with Rice Boy having wrapped up, Dahm brings us Order of Tales, a new tale set in the same world of Overside and though the use of black and white instead of color is jarring after having enjoyed the pop-off-the-page work in Rice Boy, I’ll be along for the ride to hear yet another story set in this fantastic place.

You should do the same, and also check out the Rice Boy collected edition, which has 468 pages of Oversidey goodness, including the entire Rice Boy story, a map of the world, and other little tidbits to answer all of your Overworld questions.

Maybe I missed my calling as a travel agent?


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