Gaming Eviscerator Yahtzee Slices ~AND~ Dices The Gaming Webcomic Formula

It’s no secret that many webcomics are dedicated to the craft of making and even playing video games.  It’s an easy genre to jump into, right?  Just play some games, embellish your thoughts on a particular aspect of the game, and draw it.  That would take maybe an afternoon, a morning if you’re a pro.Zero Punctuation logo

Well, the way Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw sees it, this formula isn’t working anymore.  Not only that, but others who are taking liberties with the usual formula are doing so incorrectly and should stop making comics as a result of it.

Also as usual, Yahtzee does a much better job of expounding on this subject further, so go listen to the full installment, which you can find over on the Escapist Magazine site!


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