Boxcar Comics Launches Collective Podcast ~BUT~ Why Am I Hearing About This From Fleen?

Seriously, Boxcar contains the highest ratio of comic I read to comics I don’t in any collective, ever! Why the hurt, you lovely piece of train, you?

Broken hearts aside, it is true that the Boxcar gang is starting up a podcast. Titled, The Boxcar Comics Hobo Jamboree, it’s sure to be full of fun, mischief, and lots of dudes talking over each other.

Full press release in the cut (not out of bitterness, but for sake of keeping our front page nice and tidy):

As part of the revitialization of Boxcar Comics and the group’s continuing effort to promote themselves publicly in a cross-functional manner, we have created a brand new podcast at TalkShoe called the Boxcar Comics Hobo Jamboree!

Boxcar logo

What is our podcast about? Good question — one that we will be answering tonight during our first broadcast recording TONIGHT at 8:00 PM CST! The goal moving forward is to talk about the world of webcomics from the creator’s perspective. We’ll cover everything about the creative process — including how we come up with ideas for jokes and storylines, artistic technique, promotion, planning, audience reaction and criticism.

If you are a fan of HalfPixel’s Webcomics Weekly, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here, but Boxcar Comics Hobo Jamboree won’t be weekly right out of the gate. We plan on hosting our show once a month. If there is greater demand or we have more topics we want to discuss, we might bump that up to two a month.

Tom Brazelton will be the moderator for each show and various members of the collective will rotate in and out as their schedules permit. If you can’t join us live, remember that you can download the show from TalkShoe. We’ll be adding it to iTunes in the near future.

Now, this took place on Wednesday night and, though it won’t be happening regularly, as least not for a while, I’ll do what I can to make you aware of all future shows! Of course, a timely note from anyone at Boxcar would certainly help in that regard…


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