Quickie ~ABOUT~ Historical Conference Call in the Making!

After a lengthy and civil discussion about the distinct successes of webcomic vs. those in the print field, Scott Kurtz has set up a Talkshoe conference call to discuss things further.  So if you know something about webcomics or just want to prank a bunch of comic creators, here’s the info to get in on it:

  • Phone number: (724)444-7444
  • Call ID: 5786
  • Time: 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

That’s right, it starts soon, so get a goin’!  And of course I don’t approve the idea of calling in just to prank, but just a fair warning, these guys are pros and will evicerate you should you call in to be silly.  Trust me.

And there’s talk of recording the whole thing, so we’ll try to have it in podcast form soon for those that can’t make it!


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