Quick links before the con

I’m off to Anime Boston this weekend, H2 recorder in hand, and if all goes well I’ll be chatting up some folks on Artists Alley. In the meantime, here are some webcomics stories you may not have seen.

Gary Tyrrell has a lengthy post on the panel Webcomics: A Primer, which includes lots of nuts-and-bolts discussion among creators Dean Haspiel, Raina Telgemeier, Rich Stevens, and Ted Rall about timing, format, and “the economics of free.” Set aside some time to read the lengthy comments thread as well.

At Broken Frontier, Tyler Chin-Tanner interviews Joe Infurnari about his webcomic The Process. I don’t really have words to describe The Process, but the art is wonderful and you should really just go look at it for yourself.

Shaenon Garrity deconstructs the WCCAs in her latest comiXology column.

At Precocious Curmudgeon, blogger David Welsh reviews the print version of North World.

I can’t imagine there has been a huge demand for this, but Harlequin and SoftBank Creative just announced that they will be making Harlequin manga available for cell phones starting next month. Enjoy!

Over in Japan, the publisher Shueisha is launching an online manga magazine, Ultra Jump Egg. Go to the link for an explanation of how to navigate the pages if you don’t read Japanese but want to see the art anyway.


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