Why Is It So Easy ~TO~ Steal From Webcomics Creators?

Plenty of news to get this week started off right, including a big name comics publisher with more webcomics collections in the works and yet another plagiarism scandal, with the work being displayed on T-shirts this time around. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

– The biggest story in webcomics right now is, unfortunately, a negative one. Jess Fink, creator of the deliciously filthy Chester 5000 XYV and Dirty Limericks over at AdultWebcomics.com (links absolutely NSFW), has had a T-shirt design of hers (pictured below) stolen and sold to the folks at Hot Topic for sale in their shops. The crew over on Fleen, friendly rival and also-ran of Digital Strips, appear to have a LOT of free time and have written about the situation here, here, and here.

Included in these write-ups (or posts, if you will) is a comment by The Ryan Estrada (yes, THE The Ryan Estrada) reminding all who call the customer service number to be courteous about their requests as well as the correct number to call to make these polite requests. Check it out and be part of the solution again!

– In more upbeat news, Newsarama recently ran a series of interviews with Scott Kurtz, chronicling the rise of the PvP empire and anticipating the ten year anniversary of PvP. Click here for Parts 1, 2, and 3, and relive the magic! Part 4 is coming this week.

– Anne Thalheimer of the previously-mentioned-villain Fleen has posted her thoughts on Karl Kerschel’s The Abominable Charles Christopher, a charming and simple look at nature and the animals who populate it. Oh, and there’s also a yeti named Charles Christopher (pictured in all his slovenly wonder, left). Take it for a spin! You won’t be disappointed and look for a Digital Strips-branded review in the near future!

– From the same company who brought us the uber-successful Megatokyo, Penny Arcade, and Perry Bible collections come even more certain-to-be ridiculously popular printed editions! Dark Horse Comics chose the WonderCon, held in San Francisco this past weekend, to announce three more collections of Keith Knight’s The K Chronicles, David Malki’s Wondermark, and Chris Onstad’s Achewood.

Each of these strips have enjoyed their own brands of success online, with The K Chronicles offering a newspaper-friendly strip on the easier-to-access Internet, Wondermark appealing to just about anyone who likes great, dry humor, and Achewood… well, appealing to everybody else. These collections are sure to be hits with all different crowds and should help to open the door to even more, say, up-and-coming creators. Check out the full article on the announcement here, linked to ComicBookResourses.com.

– And speaking of Perry Bible, don’t forget that just because Nicholas Gurewitch has shifted PBF to a “whatever” schedule, you don’t have to miss out on the irregular laughs! RSS feeds were created for just such an update schedule and will ensure your Perry Bible lovin’ arrives fresh and full of life.

And speaking of RSS feeds, don’t forget to put ours on your reader and stay tuned for more hyphenated fun and opinionated thoughts on the world of webcomics!


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