Webcomics Are SOOOO Gay ~AND~ Other Things Happening Around February 10, 2008

Rather than make jabs about men raining down and unicorns galloping through the land, I’ll just let the headline speak for itself and get right to the gay-friendly, week-in-review goodness. Enjoy!

-Dean Trippe, the well-known creator of Butterfly, a webcomic about the life of a sidekick of a sidekick, has joined forces with assistant editor over at Dark Horse Comics, Rachel Edidin, to form Sequential Heart, an organization geared towards providing youth-friendly comics to programs and shelters serving homeless youth.

According to an article at PrismComics.com, over 20% of today’s homeless are members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transexual (LGBT) community, a startling statistic that has driven several people to take action. Trippe has championed other causes in the comics community and this just adds to the growing list for the socially-conscious creator.

– The recently outed Ethan from David Willis’ Shortpacked has become the target of some attention from the folks over at AfterElton.com. In blogger Lyle Masaki’s weekly update, The Week in Gay Geek, he states that a possible Ethan/Thad union could make for some great ‘opposites attract’ moments in the strip. Read his complete thoughts here.

– What rhymes with gay? Why, Valentine’s Day, of course, and if you’re in the Halifax/South Dakota region (which, admittedly, is pretty large), you might be able to score one of Ryan North’s lovely cards to commemorate the occasion. Check the article here to find some examples!

– In other, non-gay news, four guys have gotten together to have a party! The sausagefest known as Halfpixel has put the finishing touches on their how-to tome, How To Make Webcomics. Pre-orders are now being accepted for a late-February release by Image Comics. With big guns like Scott Kurtz, Kristofer Straub, Dave Kellett, and Brad Guigar involved, you know this will be something special, so scope this article over at CBR.com and get your copy ordered today!

– And wrapping up with a creator I would totally go gay for, Kazu Kibuishi was recently interviewed about his new release, Amulet. Check it out and then get to readin’ the first of a series sure to be a classic!


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