I can has webcomicz?

T Campbell has posted his latest webcomics survey at Webcomics.com, basing his rankings on Alexa and Compete, and he goes on to discuss the results in detail. The top ranking “comic” in the Alexa survey is I Can Has Cheezburger?, which some people may find disturbing but T thinks is a legitimate inclusion. PostSecret is in there too. But check the rest of the list; you might be missing something good.

Also worth watching at Webcomics.com are their featured webcomics; I checked out The Process yesterday and was mightily impressed. It’s beautiful, mind-boggling, and intelligently designed. The art is beautiful, closer to watercolors than cartooning, and everything ties together in such a neat way that you can’t help but admire the full package. There are just two chapters up so far, so it’s a propitious time to jump in and start reading.

At Fleen, Anne Thalheimer is very taken with Sin Titulo, which I think is perhaps the best of the excellent Transmission-X webcomics. It’s a mystery/suspense story with a simple look and feel that drew me in right away.

Tom Spurgeon reveals something interesting at The Comics Reporter. I’ll save you a bit of scrolling and excerpt the whole piece:

for as much as Boom! took it right in the nuts from some of the Direct Market elite for their unannounced simultaneous free release of Northwind #1 on the Internet (it sold out of its first print run), there’s something they do that everyone should agree is a good thing that gets little attention: a DM retailers-only blog, complete with sign-ins and password. I imagine everyone will be doing focused blogs in a couple of years, and perhaps it’s already happening. I’ve seen the blog but I don’t think I’m supposed to tell anyone where it is.

Across the pond, the publishers of 2000AD are expanding their digital download offerings.

Webcomics in print: Josh Wolf reviews Shooting War.


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  1. It’s one of my favourite things about comics, the sheer diversity in presentation… so I can see how ICHC got in there.. but do you think that there is an end to it, I mean does any image, utilising text or not constitute a comic? Is text just an imageless comic?

    I don’t care, though, it’s all good as far as I’m concerned, and there’s some real class in that list.

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