More Quick Hits ~FOR~ January 29, 2008

You’d be amazed by the kind of news you stumble on with a handy Google Alert in place. Here are just some of those stories, mixed liberally with my own Interest Piquers, and seasoned to taste.

-Scott DeWitt has announced with his January 28 update that F@NB0Y$, his gaming-centric webcomic, will be taking February off, returning in March. Here’s hoping it brings with it a more typographically-favorable title.

-By way of USA Today, it appears the New York Times bestseller, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, started out as a webcomic. Available for perusal at, it’s even more proof for the argument that webcomics can gain you recognition, provided you’re good at it. Check out Wimpy Kid creator, Jeff Kinney’s, work at

-I don’t watch Nascar. I don’t really like Nascar. I’m not even sure if I’m presenting the word, Nascar, correctly. But apparently the Nascar social-networking site,, has it’s own Nascar-driven webcomic, The Mighty-Motor Sapiens. Check it out if you enjoy driving cars in circles. A lot.

Also not to be missed and in the same breath, browse this interview The Charlatan conducted with current MMS inker, Craig Taillefer, about his current projects and upcoming work for a Microsoft-centered office sitcom webcomic (that should be… interesting).

-Flight editor and Copper creator, Kazu Kibuishi, has a new solo book releasing soon through Scholastic Books. Titled Amulet, the story follows two children “[…]who moved into an old house owned by a missing puzzle maker, where they found giant stone puzzles in the caverns below the residence and worked to figure them out.”

Judging by the quality of Kibuishi’s other projects, this one smacks of awesome. Check the other quotable moments in this interview with Publisher’s Weekly and then make sure to order your copy of Amulet today!

Comixtalk recently conducted an interview with Multiplex creator, Gordon McAlpin, which you can find… er, back at the beginning of this item.

-Lars Brown’s epic webcomic, North World, has been picked up by Oni Press to be printed. North World, Book 1: The Epic of Conrad, is a 152-page B&W digest-sized edition that will hit comic shops in March. Support Lars and the webcomics world at large by picking up a copy and scope the official press release at The Comic Book Bin.

Until next time, this is The Midnight Cartooner saying read plenty of webcomics and don’t forget to drop your favorite creator a line every once and a while to keep the regular readin’ comin’! Nothing greases the wheels of creativity like positive reinforcement!


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