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It’s the end of the year and no one can resist they’re own top 10 lists. Time might just be the worst offender with not one list but posting 50 top ten lists. One of these is these is a review of graphic novels and you’ll never guess who made number one. Not surprisingly I haven’t heard of most of the print material except for the last one, the complete collection of Peanuts. So where is the complete Calvin & Hobbes collection? Let’s see what webcomics Time believes worth gracing they’re website?

6. Erfworld – A depressed, pudgy nerd who’s obsessed with strategy games is zapped into an alternate fantasy world. Summoned by a king who’s searching for the ultimate strategist to command his troops in their last stand against an army that’s besieging them. Everything in Erfworld is clever — the dialogue, the sound effects, the complex relationships between the king and his underlings, and the strange mechanics of Erfworld, which are designed to tweak the clichés of strategy and fantasy gaming. Plus the art is oddly beautiful and very witty.

1. Achewood – For some happy reason Time deviated from the definition of ‘Graphic Novel’. They admit this up front by mentioning it’s venue is the Web but Achewood they love it so much they say it is so profoundly genius it would be a crime to put it anywhere but on the list. The best part for me was they’re attempt to explain what the webcomic was about. How did they put it:

“A bunch of cats, some robots, a bear and an otter who’s 5 years old, live together in a fictional neighborhood called Achewood, which you might usefully think of as a grown-up, suburban, stoned version of Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood. The alpha and omega of Achewood are Ray Smuckles, a cat who’s incredibly rich and successful at everything he does, but whom you can’t quite hate because he enjoys it so much; and his best friend Roast Beef, who suffers from crippling depression.”

Much better then me so chances are good they actually did their research. The description of the artwork wasn’t bad either describing it as sometimes crude but rising to moments of extreme lyrical beauty with an enormous emotional range.


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