In With The New And Sticking With The Old

Of all the holidays Thanksgiving is my favorite. There’s no pressure to buy anything new or drink boat loads of alcohol. Everyone goes home and sits around and eats until they’re happy. This year I actually took the whole week off and made sure I tried everything to get even fatter. That also means our Inbox is packed.

Captain August – The third year of Captain August ended just over a month ago on October 31st. This strip has been one of those that has been in the queue but never made it to the show thanks to my real life job. The third year was an adaptation of Moby Dick that is finally over and Roderick has made a nice little cover in celebration.

Tangent Pageant – On November 9, 2007 tangent pageant launched. Here is a web comic that gives no information but requires one to click randomly right or left, crawling through portals appearing to have no end. The site invites readers to become involved by choosing where to go next, how to get there, and even creating new directions. They navigate from comic to comic through links embedded within shared objects or frames. The pageant’s cartoonists are of any skill and experience while all are invited to submit comics for the site, inspired by objects, characters or ideas within the site’s current comics. Tangent pageant is the brain child of Timothy Breen and Neil Brideau.

BuzziNews – The new comics community, BuzziNews, is launching with an comics competition with prizes valued at $23,000. The new community illustrates reality from a new perspective, giving a new text-free look to the world of internet journalism through comics and caricature. The comics portray current events and situations from the illustrator’s personal perspective. The competition is open to all cartoonists who submit by Jan 31st to one of four categories: World, Business, Sports and Entertainment. Winners will be chosen by an online voting and a panel of judges beginning December 1st 2007 on the website and will be declared on March 3rd, 2008. The overall vision of BuzziNews is to provide a different perspective on world, business, sports and entertainment reality, without conflict, power struggles and malevolence, in a universal language understandable by all.

the road to god knows… – Welcome to GirlAMatic! The comic will be updating an amazing four days per week Von Allen having already written and illustrated the story. So, it’s completely done and measures about 142 pages. The story deals with a teen girl’s struggle to cope with her mom’s schizophrenia. There are also some samples of three recently completed short stories that serve as a back story.

It’s a Jungle Out There – The creator of the syndicated cartoon strip FIDDLESTIX, and the one-shot editorial cartoon Bushwhacked has launched IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE.

Brinkerhoff – Some comics celebrate #500. Brinkerhoff goes does them one better. The loyal fans of this offbeat upstart are celebrated his 501st installment with a super-sized 16-panel opus that throws another wrench in his already oft-maligned existence.


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