Three Leave Blank Label To Join Halfpixel

Three members of Blank Label Comics are ending their partnership with Blank Label Comics to form a new collective, Halfpixel, along with PvP. Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellett, Kris Straub, and Brad Guigar will form the new group, previously a hub for Straub’s and Kurtz’s joint efforts such as their book “How To Make Webcomics” and the Webcartoonist Weekly Podcast. Apparently this has been in the works for a few weeks and true to BLC form there will be no webcomics drama. Brad assures us “Those looking for sour grapes or angry sentiments are going to be disappointed. We’re all still very much friends and fans of one another’s work.”

Much like their participation in BLC all the artists will retain control over their respective creations and Web sites. The Halfpixel collective will be the name under which they will organize any time they do a project together like the podcast, book, convention appearances, content for the hub site, or any joint animations or second strips we do together. Perhaps Kurtz put it best when he said “I think that webcomic collectives are the new garage bands,” said Kurtz. “Everyone plays an instrument and you look for people to develop a sound with. We all got together and started jamming one week and realized, holy crap, guys… this sounds GOOD! We should take this on the road.”

This move was perhaps something a long time coming with all the work these guys have done together. Perhaps the part that confused me more was why Kurtz and Straub did not absorb Halfpixel into BLC instead sucking out the tech, media, and publishing guys from the original group. Now what does this mean for the reaming six members? Will they pursue more members to fill the roles now left open or take them on themselves after spending 2 years working along side them. On the flip side I look forward to what more Brad and Dave will add to the work already in the works from the collective they are joining.


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