Investing In Webcomics

Everyone is sitting around looking at that empty shelf space or that open table space. Here’s the answer you have been looking for.

Kid’s Book Project – You’ve been hearing about this from us for awhile now and you’ll continue until this charity is successful. The project is a children’s book containing artwork from over 50 webcomic artists who all contribute one page within the story of the book. Each artist has no help other than to see the page previous to their own and has to continue it. Another aspect is the artists are divided into two groups, one making its way from beginning and other from the end. All profits go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Each book costs £6. The book should be completed by October 2007 with a December 2007 release date.

Asylumantics – Haunted Pixel Studios in association with gothic soundtrack composers Midnight Syndicate present “The Phantom Musicbox”. This print features the story of two artifact collectors who have discovered the location of a box that can control the dead. Now, they are racing to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands and ultimately destroys the world. Pre-orders ensure delivery in time for Halloween. Also, the strip about patients in an insane asylum is experiencing a “rebirth” with storyline changes.

You’ll Have That – Wes Molebash is looking to upgrade his computer. So he has decided to part with some original comic strip artwork. To purchase original artwork send Wes an e-mail ( describing the strip or the date it was originally published. Each strip costs $100 plus $5 for shipping. If you’d like to just purchase a print of your favorite strip, I’m still selling those for $15 (that includes shipping!).


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