Where Are All Those Interviews?

When it’s hard to find enough news for an editorial we have to lean back on the good old news brief. There’s been a string of interviews and tidbits sent us that have piling up. Tell us if you like these news summaries and we’ll go back to them. That also means everyone needs to start using that news submission link over to the left. For the real list of good interviews you need to catch up with T Campbell and his Blowing Bubbles work on Broken Frontier.

Girls With Slingshots – One of top five artists in webcomics, who possibly draws the the most attractive female in comics, was interviewed by Justin Jordan over at Comic Book Resources. Normally this site tends to stick ‘mainstream’ comics but over the past few months I’ve been seeing them pay more and more attention to webcomics. The interview is well done and even beats us to some questions we should have asked her ourselves. So go find out why it’s called GWS or why apparently heaven can be found in West Virginia.

Dresden Codak – For everyone that doesn’t keep up with webcomic news Aaron Diaz is the new love child. Everybody loves his work and there’s not a comic site that doesn’t eventually feel compelled to talk to him. This time it was Wizard Entertainment! Can someone pinch me is Wizard trying to to wake up in bed with webcomics. As part of their interview an webcomic artist series they gave us Dresden Codak and get into the details of the what were the influences, being different, why won’t he update on schedule, and where are those t-shirts.

Perry Bible Fellowship – Does anyone not find this strip funny? This unbelievably simple yet hugely popular strip I originally found on MySpace has the widest range of humor of any existing strip, followed a close second by SMBC. Nick Gurewitch talks about creating tv shows for Comedy Central to even Politics in this interesting interview by Kevin Nguyen. Now would you please stop sending us requests to review this strip, we know it’s the best thing since alcohol filled chocolate candy but we try to review strips you might not have heard about yet.


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