Interest Piquers For The Week Ending July 21st, 2007 -Also Known As- The Day Harry Potter Died

No, that’s not a spoiler of The Deathly Hallows, just a cheap way to grab some eyes and a couple thousand more Google hits.

Why resort to such low, drastic measures? Because there’s nothing better to do. It’s a “make your own news” week and since I’ve been strippin’ on my days off (just the term I use when I’m in the studio, so wash away those cringe-inducing memory burns) I’m just going to wrap up the less discussion-worthy topics here, in another edition of Interest Piquers.

Perry Bible Fellowship creator Nick Gurewitch was recently interviewed over at The Bygone Bureau. Interviewer Kevin Nguyen hit interviewee Nick with the hard questions, including the hard facts about the first collection of PBF strips, “The Trial Of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories”, so check it out.

Dresden Codak has updated again, this time with a filler strip that might be better than most of the regular strips other schmoes produce on the daily basis. There’s a definite XKCD vibe to it, showing that DC creator Aaron Diaz is one of the most versatile creators on the Web today.

Comixpedia… sorry, ComixTalk, has discovered a new(ish) strip that’s worth a quick peek. Plutocrat Country Club is yet another PBF-esque display of skewering every subject and topic floating in orbit around our big, blue marble with a dark sense of humor and twists that shock even the most twisted minds into giggling a time or two. The watercolored art is a bit too splotchy to tell one object from another but a sharp writer can keep the simplest of strips alive. Here’s hoping the two come together somewhere down the line of this darkened soul of a comic strip.

– Speaking of dark humor, Daku and the gang found another winner with their recent review of Lucid TV. Though I hate the Scrubs comparison (they both take place in a hospital and the similarities end there) it certainly has its moments of “Man, these guys are just wrong.” If you’re tired of doctors saving lives, why not watch them deliberately take them instead?

– Brigid brought it to my attention and now I hope to keep it near the front lines; Chapter 5 of A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge has gone live, so go and catch up with this awesome drama from the same team that brought us the critically acclaimed, Shooting War.

– Until I can figure out how to update my About page here at DS, here are my current faves, broken down by single strips:

  • Last week’s The New World at Penny Arcade. Admirers of Nintendo will probably get more out of this than others.
  • Everyone’s favorite bitter rabbit, Brinkerhoff, now has a megaphone. The punchline works so well because it’s so far removed from his usual verbose diatribes.
  • Overall favorite goes to Sequential Art, which is still hip-deep in the “Shadow creatures take over the world” storyline. And I’m loving every single update.

It looks to be pretty quiet until Comic-Con has come and gone, so get out there and make some news! Legally, if at all possible.


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